Chemical Ponds

Industry Solutions

Our online robotic solutions are suitable for cleaning chemical ponds in the following industries:

  • Mining (gold and rare earth)
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Processing
  • Petrochemical plants

Internationally recognised certifications and accreditations.

Searching for a simple way to clean your chemical ponds without taking them offline?

We provide online robotic solutions to clean a wide range of chemical ponds while the assets remain in service. We have both tracked and liner safe options for this work and can offer a range of dewatering and treatment options.

Our fleet of custom-built dredging robots can offer:

  • Liner-safe drive systems to protect the pond liner.
  • Oil-less drive systems to eliminate oil spills.
  • GPS tracking to ensure complete cleaning coverage.
  • Sophisticated sensors for navigating in low or nil-visibility conditions.
  • The ability to operate in high and low pH, corrosive liquids, cyanide and hydroxides.

We also offer dewatering solutions that can capture sediment during the dredging process and return treated water to the pond.

Chemical Ponds

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