Covered Anaerobic Lagoons

Industry Solutions

Our online robotic solutions are suitable for cleaning covered anaerobic lagoons in the following industries:

  • Wastewater
  • Abattoir
  • Feed Production
  • Winemaking
  • Processing

Internationally recognised certifications and accreditations.

Do you require an easy, cost-effective way to clean and inspect your covered anaerobic lagoons without damaging the liner?

The cleaning and inspection of Covered Anaerobic Lagoons has traditionally been difficult and expensive, and almost always required the asset to come out of service to be cleaned. Recognising this issue across multiple industry sectors, Dredge Robotics have applied our custom technology to this problem. We provide online robotic solutions to safely clean covered anaerobic lagoons while they remain in service.

Our liner-safe dredging robots use a trackless drive system that can:


  • Deliver a 100% clean back to the bare liner.
  • Navigate in low or nil-visibility conditions.
  • Enable access through tight hatch sizes.
  • Completely eliminate downtime costs
Covered Anaerobic Lagoons

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