Can you clean lined ponds without damaging my liner?

Yes, our proprietary liner-safe technology has been designed end-to-end to protect the integrity of your pond liner while removing 100% of accumulated sediment. This technology has been extensively proven in a broad range of environments.

Are you accredited to work on minesites for major mining companies?

Yes, we are accredited to work as a direct supplier for all major mining companies in Australia under our triple ISO accredited Safety management System. We are also accredited to work for many large organisations in other regions globally.

Can you clean process tanks while they remain online?

Yes, Dredge Robotics have a proprietary service offering capable of cleaning process tanks while they remain in full service, removing compacted mud in excess of 6 metres deep with no interruption to service delivery.

Can your robots operate in my chemical ponds?

Yes, we build and operate robots capable of operating in a range of environments where they are required to withstand sustained chemical attack. This includes pH ranges from 1-14, corrosive and cyanide rich environments.

How does the technology protect my liner

Our liner safe technology embeds a range of protections across the entire robot to limit the torsion forces that can be applied by the robot to the liner itself. These protections are many and varied and range from overall system architecture to torsion limiting drive systems.

Can my asset safely stay online during cleaning?

Yes, in almost all circumstances we are able to safely clean and inspect your asset without the need to take it out of service. This can eliminate costly downtime and allow maintenance to be completed outside of shutdown windows.

Can you assist me to recover valuable resources form the sediment in my ponds?

Yes. Our robotic technology is regularly utilised to recover gold, mineral crystals and other valuable resources from lined storage dams. We can provide an end to end service including dewatering of the dredged material to separate out the valuable material from the dredged mud.

Do you operate outside of Australia

Yes, we have two systems that are capable of working internationally and have successfully completed multiple projects across South East Asia for international clients.

What makes your technology so different?

At Dredge Robotics, we work in the toughest mining environments in the world and we build our equipment from the ground up in our Australian manufacturing facility. Our equipment has been designed in collaboration with our clients to tackle some of their hardest challenges, and field tested in the harshest conditions possible.

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