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Smarter Desludging Solutions With 100% Sediment Removal

Remove 100% of sediment, including the compact anoxic layer, with the smartest desludging solutions in the world. Our unique, award-winning systems utilise online robotics to clean with pinpoint precision, regardless of depth, visibility and contaminants without the need for human entry.

Online Robotic Desludging Solutions That Get the Job Done

Our online robotic solutions can be adapted to suit a range of applications and industries. We commonly work with leaders in:

  • Wastewater
  • Water recycling
  • Processing plants
  • Abattoirs

Before each project, we assess your needs, expectations, regulations and risks, ensuring safety is the top priority with as little-to-no downtime as possible.

Desludging Dredge Robotics
Desludging Dredge Robotics

Desludge Wastewater & Water Storages Regardless of Depth & Visibility

At Dredge Robotics, we have developed and designed our own suite of unique sensors and GPS trackers to enable us to remove 100% of sediment from a range of assets. This includes the hard, compact anoxic layer that typically harbours unwanted anoxic bacteria. With our proprietary equipment, we minimise turbidity during dredging, and can remove everything, including rocks and rags, without the need for barges or floating equipment.

Our sophisticated suite of sensors and tracking equipment utilised on each robotic system can locate sediment and obstacles regardless of the depth and visibility. It also helps to avoid downtime, saving you time and money.


The Safest Way to Remove Rags, Rocks & Sediment From Wastewater Ponds, Raceways & More

When we designed our unique robotic desludging systems, we wanted to ensure we could provide a solution for a broad range of possibilities, including applications with linings or delicate surfaces. As a result we are able to provide desludging for:

  • Wastewater ponds
  • Raceways
  • Digesters
  • Oxidation ditches
  • Sediment tanks

Clear your tanks, ponds and raceways with the latest in desludging technology.

Desludging Dredging Solution

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