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Our online robotic solutions are suitable for cleaning lined ponds in the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Power generation
  • Abattoirs
  • Wastewater
  • Oil and gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Viticulture

Internationally recognised certifications and accreditations.

Lined Ponds are a common water storage solution across a wide range of industries, but they present unique maintenance challenges to ensure they are functioning to their designed specifications.

The fragile nature of the lining material, which is commonly LLDPE or PVC means that most conventional methods of removing accumulated sludge or plant material put the liner at risk of damage. These water storages often have strict licencing conditions associated with them, and the consequences of a liner breach (leak) can be very costly both financially and reputationally.

Tracked robots are unsuitable for this type of work as they are widely acknowledged to cause damage to the lining material. Traditional dredging barges are not designed to protect the fragile liner layer and do not have fine control over the dredging components. This, combined with the aggressive tooling they typically operate below the water means they are unable to protect the liner during sediment removal.

Lined Pond Dredge Robotics
dredging lined ponds australia

At Dredge Robotics, we have designed a totally unique dredging system for lined ponds that can operate safely to clean back to bare liner, without putting the pond lining at risk. This system is proprietary to Dredge Robotics and has been extensively proven safe by leading organisations across the mining, power and water sectors in Australia and beyond. These robots are capable of operating in extremes of pH, corrosive environments and other challenging conditions.

The elimination of tracks from the robot drive system, advanced torsion control, an extensive sensor network across the whole robotic system and sophisticated modelling of sonar feedback provides the ability to operate safely in nil-visibility environments and at all times preserve the integrity of the pond liner.

These robots can remove 100% of accumulated sediment from a pond with no interruption to the process, which then allows inspection of the liner to take place.

Our proprietary technology can also remove aquatic plants, weeds and bullrushes from lined ponds while they are in full service, without human entry. This globally unique service offering can remediate ponds and turkeys nests that have been overgrown with plants and lost significant capacity. This provides a low cost and zero service impact solution to dealing with ponds that have become overgrown with plant material.

Our technology is both cost effective and highly scalable, which has seen it become the solution of choice by several mining majors in recent years to eliminate human entry and ensure continuity of water supply. This muliti award winning technology has also been adapted to several bespoke applications in harsh environments where the robot is required to withstand ongoing chemical attack, while removing accumulated sediment from the asset. Successfully proven applications to date range from pH 1 to pH 13 and include gold, nickel and alumina processing loops.


To assist Clients with the detection and repair of existing leaks in lined pond environments, Dredge Robotics has also developed proprietary robotic technology capable of locating leaks in large areas and deploying control measures to stop flow. This amazing technology is yet another world first for the Dredge Robotics team.

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