Unrivalled globally, our online robotic cleaning solutions deliver massive savings with zero downtime.


Clean faster, clean smarter and eliminate downtime.

We’ve designed globally unique dredging robots that rapidly and thoroughly clean water assets while they remain online, saving you significant amounts of money by minimising downtime and logistics.

Our experienced team of dredging experts and robot technicians have the capability to rapidly design, build and operate online cleaning robots for specific applications across the mining, industrial, manufacturing, processing and wastewater industries. Our capability is unmatched globally for the work that we undertake and is reflected in the client base that we serve.

Globally unique robotic dredging capability.

Our online robotic cleaning solutions have been engineered with a suite of advanced technology that delivers unrivalled dredging capability for a range of specific applications.

Designed and built in Australia for Australian Conditions

Designed and built in Australia for Australian Conditions

After trialling the world’s so-called leading dredging robots with disappointing results, we began designing and building our own innovative robotic dredging solutions in Australia, for Australian conditions. These robots deliver results that no other product can provide and incorporate a suite of innovative features such as liner-safe designs and hybrid sonar/camera navigation.