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Dredging for Lined Ponds With Zero Downtime

Our proprietary technology allows for dredging go lined ponds in the mining, power, industrial and water sectors without risking damage to the pond lining and enabling the complete removal of sediment, down to the liner itself. We have designed unique, award-winning robotic dredging systems to remove aquatic plants, weeds and bullrushes for HDPE, LLDPE and PVC lined ponds and water storages throughout Australia. Learn more about the safest way to dredge ponds or get in touch to request a quote.

The Smarter, Safer Way to Dredge for Pond Debris

At Dredge Robots, we have designed a completely unique online robotic dredging system specifically for lined ponds that safely cleans back to the bare liner without putting the pond lining at risk. This award-winning technology can remove 100% of accumulated sediment from the pond with zero interruption to the process and zero downtime. It’s both cost-effective and highly scalable, ideal for a range of bespoke applications.

With broad experience in the mining and power generation industries, we have also developed our system to withstand corrosive liquors. We have successfully undertaken projects ranging from pH 1 to pH 13, including gold, nickel and alumina processing loops with a 100% success rate.

Lined Ponds Dredge Robotics
Lined Ponds Dredge Robotics

How our proprietary robotic services can reduce risk and cost while saving you money

Our lined pond dredging services are cost effective in the mining, power and potable water sectors with zero impact to your schedule and workflows. At Dredge Robotics, we have designed a totally unique dredging system for lined ponds that can operate safely to clean back to bare liner, without putting the pond lining at risk.

Sediment Removal

Remove 100% of your lined pond’s sediment without impacting your service production with our team at Dredge Robots and our innovative, award-winning robotic dredging solutions.

Pond Remediation

Our proprietary technology can also remove aquatic plants, weeds and bullrushes from lined ponds while they are in full service, without human entry. This globally unique service offering can remediate ponds and turkeys nests that have been overgrown with plants and lost significant capacity. This provides a low cost and zero service impact solution to dealing with ponds that have become congested with plant material.

Sophisticated, liner-safe navigation systems

The elimination of tracks from the robot drive system, advanced torsion control, an extensive sensor network across the whole robotic system and sophisticated modelling of sonar feedback provides the ability to operate safely in nil-visibility environments and at all times preserve the integrity of the pond liner.

We Can Clean HDPE & Other Lined Ponds

Traditional dredging methods can damage HDPE, LLDPE and PVC pond linings. This is why we developed our world-first robotic technology for removing 100% of sediment with no impact to the liner. It’s a safe, cost effective solution to ensuring your water storages are maintained correctly. By eliminating the need for human entry, we manage risk and work to the highest OH&S requirements. Our Australian lined pond dredging service can clean even the most overgrown, hazardous water environments. Contact us today to talk about your job.

Lined Ponds Dredge Robotics

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