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Potable Water Tank Cleaning & Maintenance With No Downtime

Looking for a way of cleaning and maintaining your potable water tanks without turning off your systems? With our award-winning robotic solutions, we can clean and maintain your potable water assets with no downtime and no need for human entry. Contact us to book your job.

Potable Reservoir Cleaning With No Need For Human Entry

Potable-grade water assets in the mining, power and water sectors require stringent processes for maintenance and cleaning to control pathogenic risks and eliminate turbidity issues. With our dedicated potable water equipment, we can comprehensively clean and inspect your potable water storage assets without impacting water quality and without the need for human entry. This this significantly reduces the risks involved with maintaining your potable reservoirs, tanks and water storages

Our versatile fleet of potable grade cleaning robots can tackle a wide variety of asset types and sizes, including elevated storage tanks and covered reservoirs. We offer a variety of comprehensive and meaningful reporting options, and can provide practical guidance on the best solutions to suit your specific regulatory and maintenance requirements.


The Smarter Way of Cleaning and Inspecting Potable Water Tanks and Reservoirs

Do you require safe, efficient and cost effective solutions to clean your potable water assets and remain compliant with Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines? We can service your potable water assets without the need for human entry or interruption to service delivery. As a result, we can help increase safety and reduce costs effectively across your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should potable water tanks be cleaned?

Cleaning frequencies for potable water assets should be determined using a risk based approach, with an outside timeframe of 5 years maximum interval. Risk factors such as high sediment loads, frequent pathogenic detections or poor source water are key considerations when determining the frequency of an asset. Our qualified team have extensive experience in potable tank cleaning program design and can provide more information on your specific requirements.

Can my asset safely stay online during cleaning and inspection?

Yes, using our proprietary technology, Dredge Robotics can safely clean and inspect a wide range of assets with negligible impact to turbidity and exceptionally low water consumption.

How is water hygiene managed during the cleaning process?

 It is important when undertaking cleaning of potable water assets that the equipment utilised is oil free, dedicated solely to potable water use and extensively sterilised prior to each clean. The equipment that we use meets this criteria and is capable of operating without impacting turbidity levels in the asset. An increase in turbidity levels can result in a drop in chlorine residuals, which allows dormant pathogens present in the sediment to emerge into active stage of their life cycle, significantly increasing risk to customers and end users.

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