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The Safer Way to Clean Process Tanks

Minimise the risks and costs involved in cleaning your process tanks with Dredge Robotics. Our multi-award winning technology is used by some of the most respected mining companies to allow their process tanks to be safely cleaned outside of shutdown windows, reducing costs, risks and downtime.

How We Remove Sediment From Process Tanks While They Remain In Service

Our globally unique process tank robots allow for complete removal of all compacted mud and materials from inside the tank, while it remains in full operation. This system eliminates the need for human entry and allows maintenance to be conducted outside of shutdown windows. This can be particularly useful if non-destructive testing or repairs are required on the tank during shutdowns, as it allows the tank to be drained without the need for any cleaning to be completed during the shutdown window.


Process Tanks Dredge Robotics
Process Tanks Dredge Robotics

Reduce Downtime & Increase Efficiency With Dredge Robotics

The effective removal of sediment is an essential part of running processing tanks and plants. The build-up of waste and sediment in the assets can impact your upstream processes, and often requires shutting down your systems to service — until now.

At Dredge Robotics, our world-class systems can remove 100% of compacted mud from your process tanks, eliminating the need for downtime. Having a regular client base of global giants in the mining and power industries, we understand the requirements to undertake this work safely and we can provide you with professional and cost effective solutions .


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